Vanlifers Are Parting Ways With Their Vans As The World Reopens – Jalopnik

Vanlifers Are Parting Ways With Their Vans As The World Reopens – Jalopnik

The pandemic changed how many people work and live. For some, remote work offered the perfect opportunity to buy a van and live on the road. But as the country edges back to something resembling normalcy, some are retiring their vans and going back to the office.

As the Colorado Sun reports, the transition to working from home has allowed many to live out their dreams of living on the road. No longer shackled to a daily office commute, some decided to buy or build out vans, ambulances and buses to travel the country.

Living in a van used to be an alternative for people facing high costs of living or for people who wished to live a life on the road. In recent years, social media influencers have put a glitzy, if often unrealistic sheen on #vanlife. In 2020, the pandemic gave life on the road additional appeal. If you’re working remotely, why be stuck in one boring place when you can wake up to a new vista every day?

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I had a similar revelation during the summer of 2020. I suddenly had more free time than I knew what to do with, so I decided to pick up stakes and travel the country, essentially living out of a Ford Ranger for the summer. It’s an experience that I will never forget and one that I recommend that everyone does at least once in their life.

This story from early last year points out that van life also isn’t as it appears on social media. While #VanLife gives you millions of pictures of vans on the beach, the reality is that you sleep at campgrounds, the parking lot of the local Walmart, or wherever else you won’t be bothered. You may not have access to showers, laundry machines or a stable internet connection. And that doesn’t get into potentially getting stranded because your van broke down and needs an expensive repair.

As CNBC reports, offices are opening back up and some of those who spent 2020 traveling the country now have to put the van away and get back to the daily grind. Some of those vans and buses are popping up for sale as their owners no longer need them or have found van life not to be for them. I’ve even featured a few on some Dopest Cars entries.


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